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10-7-98 agenda
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WEDNESDAY, October 7, 1998



Academy Road

(off New Scotland Avenue)




1. Introductions

2. Minutes

3. Communications/Announcements- WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!

4. 7:15 PM Albany City Schools- Facilities Planning Process- Sup’t. Lonnie Palmer. The School District is asking the community for help with planning for necessary improvements of district facilities. (See enclosed memo.) In addition to the meetings listed on the memo, the superintendent will give CANA an overview of the current situation, and share some of the ideas are being developed. This is our chance to make suggestions about these ideas and perhaps offer some ideas of our own.

5. 8:00 PM Charter Revision- for the last time?- On November 3 we will vote yes or no on the proposed charter. How will Albany’s government change if the charter is adopted? Will this charter improve the current system sufficiently for CANA to recommend that people vote "yes", or should we work to defeat this propsal?

6. Old Business:

a. Community Police Council- Maria Parisella

b. Community University Relations- Tom Gebhardt

c. Other items

7. New Business-

8. Adjourn


FUTURE MEETINGS: NOV. 4 City budget- Chris Hearley

DEC. 2 Let’s talk among ourselves

JAN. 6 Mayor Jennings

FEB. 3 Common Council President Desfosses