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12-1-99 Agenda
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                        MEETING DATE & LOCATION
                        WEDNESDAY, December 1, 1999
                        7:00 PM SHARP
                        Sage Colleges Albany Campus
                        Campus Center Room 224
1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Communications/Announcements
4. Committee Reports-
    a. SUNY-Community- Tom Gebhardt
b. Schools- Chris, Don
    c. Budget- Cynthia Galivan
    d. Zoning-Marggie- new legislation introduced!
    e. Census
    f. Nominating committee- appointment of
    g. Other

5. 7:30 PM Commit to Kids- Thea Hoeth- Volunteer Center   
            Commit to Kids -The Albany Alliance for Youth is the local campaign inspired by the National Summit On Volunteerism that was held in the spring of 1997. The local steering committee wants to find out what we in the community perceive as our children’s needs and how they can work with us to meet those needs. Thea will be soliciting ideas and volunteers and also wants to bring this message to individual neighborhood associations.
6. 8:00 PM    Albany Police Chief Jack Nielson and Deputy Chief Bob Wolfgang
            Y2K readiness- if we haven’t done anything and we’re not worried, are we missing something? What else is happening at the Albany Police Dept. under its new leadership?

7. Adjourn

Next meetings: Wednesday     Jan 5, 2000    Mayor Jennings
                Feb. 2, 2000    Common Council President Desfosses