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4-7-99 agenda
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                        MEETING DATE & LOCATION
                        WEDNESDAY, April 7, 1999
                        7:00 PM SHARP
                        SAGE COLLEGES
                        Albany Campus
                        Academy Road
                        (off New Scotland Avenue)
1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Communications/Announcements
4. Committee Reports-
    a. SUNY-Community- Tom Gebhardt
b. Community Police Council- Maria Parisella
    c. Schools- Don Dugan/Chris Lindsay
    d. Budget- Cynthia Galivan
    e. Zoning-
    f. Census- Marggie/Tom Gebhardt
    g. QOL- Colin McNight
    h. Permit Parking??
5. 8:00 PM Community Policing: Asst. Chiefs. Dave Epting and Jack Nielson
                    Jay Cunningham, Albany Housing Authority
6. Adjourn
MAY 5    Albany’s School Finances: Supt. Lonnie Palmer, Assem. Jack McEneny,             Sen. Neil Breslin, Assem. Ron Canestrari
JUNE 2    Dennis Fitzgerald, CDTA

LATE BREAKING INFO- After the March meeting, I received info from DGS about 1999 Street Tree Planting. The city will pay 1/2 the cost of purchasing and planting trees in front of houses or businesses in Albany. Call DGS 427-7486
DEADLINE FOR SPRING- March 31, 1999 for Fall- Sept. 30, 1999