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6-3-98 minutes
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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations


Minutes for June 3, 1998

1. Introductions

2. Minutes- were distributed- will be mailed and approved at next meeting.

3. Communications & Announcements:

Tulip Bulb sale June 6th - Washington Park Bathhouse
Capital District Community Loan Fund job opening
Web page being developed by Howie Stoller. Minutes and other items of interest in the city will be posted on Web page.
Adopt-a-Block Program- Albany Dept. of General Services has created a monster- the agreement that a person must sign and a commitment that must be made appears designed to discourage anyone from adopting a block.

4. Old Business:

h. (done first to accommodate Donna) Donna Armstrong of School of Public Health, SUNY offered additional information about her grant application. Elfrieda Textores moved to send letter of support and T. Gebhardt 2nd - Marggie to write letter. (It was requested that, in the future, when we vote on something like this and person or organization is present, we ask that concerned parties leave the room while vote takes place.)

a. Schools: Don Dugan- budget passed- contract with teachers is at an impasse. Per today’s TU, a new principal has been hired for Albany High.


b. SUNY/Community: Tom Gebhardt Next meeting of the Committee will be June 10th at Albany Police Dept.’s Traffic Safety Building. Purpose is to gather feedback on annual end of spring initiatives in Pine Hills and Beverwyck. Student mass exodus has begun. Distributing 12 Point Plan educational packet for students who are both leaving area for summer and those who are staying; tips on safety, etc. .

c. Community Police Council: (Marggie Skinner presented for Maria Parisella) Next meeting- June 22 in Mayor’s conference room @ 5: 30p.m.

Decentralized Stations- all not yet open: South: Division 2; Central: Old Division 1; East: Old Division 2; North: Henry Johnson Blvd. Brochure on community policing still being developed. May be ready by end of summer- NA’s represented were asked to indicate how many copies they would like to have to distribute with newsletters and at meetings.

d. Lark Street BID: Distributed Art on Lark 1998 flyer (June 6) which has coupons for discounts at various Lark Street Business

e. Permit Parking Proposals: in the hands of the legislature

f. Library: Jeffrey W. Cannell from Wayne County, North Carolina Public Library approved as new Director. He is a SUNY Graduate. June 15th is his start date.

g. Reassessment- homestead provision- Council to vote- CANA should take a stand- in favor of Homestead provision until flaws in assessments are corrected.

5. Charter Revision: Henry circulated a letter to the editor of the Times Union expressing concern regarding the process followed to develop the draft and the lack thereof. Outlined in the letter are the major issues or ideas which should be included in the Charter to give the Common Council a viable role in Albany’s local government. The letter is signed by Wallace Altes; Henry M. Madej; Harold Rubin; Todd Swanstrom; and Michael B. Whalen, Jr. CANA delegates were again encouraged to speak at the Commission’s public hearings, to attend their meetings and to get involved in the charter process. Copies of votes from previous critical commission meetings were distributed.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:30pm Submitted by Phyllis Haggerty


Cynthia Galivan Manning Blvd

Wanda Willingham Sheridan Hollow

Don Dugan Heldeberg

Thomas Gebhardt University at Albany, SUNY

Mary Connair Delaware Area

Tom Schlepko Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

Kurt Rasic Park South

Michael Paris Park South

Donna Armstrong SUNY, School of Public Health

Harold Rubin Center Square Assoc.

Gene Solan Pine Hills Asso.

Mark P. Yolles Mansion

Holly Katz Mansion

Denia Van Houter Sheridan Hollow

Dan Potter West Hill/ CDARPO

G. Mowbray Hudson Park

Howie Stoller Melrose

Elfreida Textores South End

Vicky Stoneman Lark Street BID

Marggie Skinner Pine Hills

Pamela Tobin Downtown BID

Amie Allaud Melrose

Betsy Shearer Park South

Claudia Brown Washington Park

Helen Desfosses Common Council

David Miranda Upper Washington


Henry Madej Pine Hills