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6-7-00 Minutes
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Minutes for June 7, 2000 meeting


Minutes - corrections: Chris Lindsay and Joe VanAlpen were both at the May meeting. Colin McKnight moved to accept the corrected minutes. Harold Rubin seconded. Motion approved.

Various correspondence and Zoning Board of Appeals notices were circulated.
On June 14th, the Albany Roundtable will present Mayor Joseph Riley from Charleston, SC who will speak about capitalizing on a City's Heritage. 431-1440
SUNY Questionnaire re police - Not ready yet for distribution- Brian Renauer will report at a future meeting.
Letter received from Deputy Mayor Phil Calderone thanking CANA for circulating the Albany's Citizen Leadership College brochure. He indicated that the recommendations mentioned in CANA's April minutes are a part of the presentations made in this program. A comment was made that the information should be to all Albany citizens. 
University Heights newsletter circulated.
Kathleen Kearney, HPNA (326 Hudson Ave., 12210) would like to receive newsletters from other neighborhood associations.

Committee Reports
a. Community/University Relations. Next meeting at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 14th at the APD office at 526 Central Ave. The committee will evaluate the "Spring 6-Point Plan" and begin preliminary planning for the Fall 2000 "14/15 Point Plan." Students have received a "Secure Summer 2000" packet of information. The committee will continue planning for the 10th anniversary celebration.
b. Lincoln Park Pool- Mayor Jennings presented the Clough Harbour study at a meeting at City Hall today (6/7).
The three current options are:
Replacement of existing pool (reducing size from 68,000 to 25,000 sq. ft.)
Reconstruction -would give us the same size and be "replica." It would require digging out what is currently there.
Rehabilitation (short life span)
There will be a Friends of Lincoln Park Pool meeting on June 11th; a Public Hearing at the Pool on June 13th ; and an opening day rally on June 23rd at 11:45 a.m. 
Q: Did the City explain why they have not maintained the bathhouse over the years? It's city property. A: No.
There is some question over the usage numbers - the number of people using the facility now is far less than when the bathhouse was in decent shape. Many agencies in the South End, Arbor Hill and downtown use the pool. All the summer programs use the pool. Agencies bus in students and Thacher Park pool bus has stopped. Why should we bus City residents to Thacher Park?
Q: Is the pool on the National Register? 
A: The owner of a building has to apply to be on the register. The bathhouse may be eligible but the owner (City) has to apply.
Comments: Leave the Lincoln Park Pool as it is and encourage laps and competitive swimming at the 4th Avenue Bathhouse.
Perhaps rehab bathhouse first and then the pool - track usage after there's a new bathhouse facility. 
Q: What's the role of the Common Council? 
A: They need to pass a bond issue. 2/3 or 10 council members need to approve. 
The Mayor made a statement during the presentation that "Just because we don't live in Bethlehem or Delmar doesn't mean we don't deserve something nice." No mention of heritage, preservation.
c. Code Enforcement and Quality of Life- The surveys are getting out! The Times Union is distributing 22,000; 6,000 have gone to Albany Public Schools and there are boxes with surveys that need to be delivered to the Stewarts Shops and the Albany Public Library branches. CANA members signed up to distribute this information throughout the city.
d. Ten Broeck Mansion- Arbor Hill Neighborhood
Garden and home tour coming up
Ten Broeck bag for sale
Urban League Father's Day Jazz Concert on 6/17 from 4-7
Need responsible 17+ teens to assist the aged for 8 weeks. 40 hrs per week @ $7/hr.
e. Delaware Area NA
Farmers Market opening June 26 from 4-7 in the parking lot at St. James Church.
A culinary institute graduate has purchased the shop on the corner of Bertha and Delaware and she's planning on opening an upscale sandwich and pastry shop.
My Linh's Vietnamese restaurant has opened at the former Thachers Restaurant.
Only 9 of 340 Christmas Ornaments left.
Over 700 people on mailing list.
f. Police Review Board - Public Safety Committee meeting June 14, hearing June 22.
g. Schools Facility Plan- hearings in the schools weeks of June 12, 19.Facilities planning process represents vast inefficiency. The superintendent appears to be driving the agenda. He doesn't live here and doesn't understand the ramifications. Board needs to have community input before they vote. We all need to know which schools will be what, who will go to what schools. Currently schools don't serve neighborhood natural boundaries. Board meets 1st Tuesday of every month at Albany High School at 7 pm. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT PEOPLE SPEAK OUT NOW - NEED MORE VOICES!
h. Other
Hidden City Garden Tour in Center Square on June 22nd from 5-8 pm. Tickets available at Ben & Jerry's on Lark Street.
Cable / Public Access Television: Steve Winter has obtained a copy of the 1994 ten-year agreement between the City and Time Warner. The City received $250,000 to purchase equipment for public access broadcasting. $100,000 was given to the College of St. Rose. The remaining $150,000 went to the school district that used it to buy computers for each school building. In addition, the City received approximately $600,000 a year (5% of Time Warner's gross receipts from subscribers in the City- that money goes into the City's General Fund. Steve, Aimee Allaud, Marggie Skinner and Carol Wallace are working with Jeff Cannell at the Albany Public Library to see that the residents of Albany have some Public Access TV capability. (NOTE: Our September meeting will be held at the Library and it will be videotaped. We'll try to let you know when it will be broadcast.)
Howie Stoller can post meeting notices and other info on our web site. Send information to
Neighborhood USA Conference was held in Phoenix Arizona. Neighborhood Partnerships with City and police, with businesses, lots of young people involved. Neighborhoods actually are part of their own planning process and get money from the cities. Utopia. Nirvana. And sadly- not our fair city.
Love They Neighborhoods: Buffalo Summit info from Paul Bray spurred NRC to consider reviving this conference. Looking at a date after Election Day and before Thanksgiving. First meeting at Sage on 6/27. Come if you can help out.
Global Peoples Assembly 6/25 2 pm Guilderland Public Library. Goal: link between local neighborhoods and the United Nations.

6. Guests: Albany Police Department: Bob Wolfgang and Detective Dan Stevens of Children and Family Services.

Gang awareness presentation.
National Gangs: People Nation - they do everything to the left (turn their hats, lift their pant leg, hand gestures). Folk Nation - they do everything to the right. Hate groups - skinheads.
Definition of a gang varies. The common denominators are leadership, organizational structure, common name and identifiers, engage in criminal behavior.
Why do kids join gangs? peer pressure, fear, protection, looking for family security, acceptance, they are bored, want money and material things.
Gang identifiers: colors, body markings (tattoos and burns), hand signs that are used to communicate, greet or signal attacks.
Nicknames: cuz, snuff, A-Dog, Mack, Gat or G-Man (usually weapon carrier), OG (original gangster), BG (baby gangster).
Codes: using pagers and alphanumeric codes.
031 = unity of the Blood Nation. Disciplines they believe in (rules/principles)
187 = CA penal code for murder
186 = CA penal code for drive by
Music: listen to gangster rap (more violent) or OI - heavy metal that's anti-government (skin heads).
Wannabes will do ANYTHING to be accepted.
Some Gang names: Bloods, Crips, Skinheads, Latin Kings, LTT (Looney Tune thugs), BLB (Bad Little Bitches), NSS (North Side Solders), TNT (True New Thugs).
How can you identify gang activity / participation by your child or neighbor
Injuries - unexplained cuts or burns and they refuse to give you details.
Colors - choose specific colors that will identify them as gang member; Clothing or jewelry - bandanas are "flags"
o Green TLT (True Live Thugs)
o Dark Gray Wolf Pack
o Yellow Sewer City
o White North Side Soldiers or deuce 
o Pink BLB (Bad Little Bitches)
o Turquoise A1E
o Brown JOL (Judson Outlaws - trying to change name to Peanut Butter Crips)
o Gray TNT (True New Thugs)
o Orange OSB (Orange Street Boys)
o Red Bloods
o Black Crips

Q: With all kids listening to rap, how do you determine between real gang activity and a claimer?
A: First thing: talk to them - communicate. Look at other signs - clothing, is their family in a gang, how do they talk, act, etc.?
Q. What can you do?
A. Report - graffiti often tells a story and the police will want to see it before it's removed. Educate Look Listen

Gang Prevention Program: Ron Cook Barrett (434-5723) Coordinator, City of Albany Dept. of Youth & Recreation, Gang Prevention. Focuses on city "at risk youth" age 9 to 15; also seeing some adults.
Gang Awareness program at Albany HS 3rd Tuesday of every month

Community Effort- Gangs become more bold; Social decay; Need positive role models.
Q: Serious activity at 122 Fourth Between Elizabeth and Clinton St.
A: Wolfgang following up.
Comment: Just as many girls as boys and girls can be much nastier then the boys. Problem at Livingston & Lark at 9:30 am, 2:30 pm and 4 pm.
Q: Is there significant Blood activity in Albany
A: It's growing but police have no specific numbers.
Q: Are Orange Street Boys as bad as Crips?
A: They're trying to be. Not sure if they've reached that level yet.
Q: Is it important for police to see graffiti or can we just remove it?
A: Yes, tells story of where people are and what they're doing. Please take photo first if you want to remove it.
Q: Can you set-up this presentation in the street?
A: Yes.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by Sandra Thomas and Marggie Skinner

Attendance (6/7/00)
Donald Wardle, United Tenants of Albany
Fred Perkins, Pine Hills NA
Stephen Winters, Second Avenue NA (
Elfrieda Textores, South End Concerned Citizens
Aimee Allaud, Melrose NA
Cathy O'Neill, Delaware Area NA (
Mary Connair, Delaware Area NA 
Suzanne Taiman, Washington Park NA
Margo Janeck, CDTA (
Helen Black, Arbor Hill Concerned Citizens (
Tom Gebhardt, University at Albany (
Mac Mowbray, Hudson/Park NA
Charles Bertolami, CDARPO (
Hal Juhre, Pine Hills NA
Howard Cort, Capital District Peoples Assembly (
Carol Wallace, Mansion NA (
Colin McKnight, Mansion NA ( 
Harold Rubin, Center Square NA
Clare Yates, Center Square NA
Cynthia Galivan, Manning Blvd NA (
Roger Markovics, United Tenants (
Michael Trout, Park South NA (
Ruth Gordon, Supplemental Food Providers, Inc.
Kathleen Kearney, Hudson/Park NA
Helen Desfosses, Albany Common council
David Phaff, New Albany NA (
Gene Solan, Pine Hills NA
Joanne McElroy Moore, NA-SPNA
Ruby Hughes, Sheridan Hollow NA
Ann Erling, Pine Hills NA
Dan Colfati, Pine Hills NA
Howard Stoller, Melrose NA (
Betsy Shearer, Park South NA
Karen Salin, UTA, C.O.R.A. West Hill (
Helen Boome, CORA West Hill
Martin Gawoski, West Hill NA (