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9-8-99 Agenda
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                        MEETING DATE & LOCATION
                        WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 8, 1999
NOTE: MEETING IS                 7:00 PM SHARP
ON 2ND WEDS.                 SAGE COLLEGES
                        Albany Campus
                        Academy Road
                        (off New Scotland Avenue)
1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Communications/Announcements
4. Committee Reports-
    a. SUNY-Community- Tom Gebhardt
b. Community Police Council- Maria Parisella
    c. Schools- Don Dugan/Chris Lindsay
    d. Permit Parking
    e. Other

5. 7:30 PM Central Ave. BID Exec. Dir. Anthony Capece
        AveNew 2000 Study. What does Central Ave. need? Who will decide?                          Based on what? Can it be done?
Mr. Capece will tell us what has been going on since he joined the Central Ave. BID. He also wants to hear our reactions as well as our suggestions about what should be done and which ideas and areas should be given the highest priority.
6. Adjourn
OCT. 6    City of Albany Budget 2000- required by the charter to be introduced by                  Oct. 1, let’s look at it right away.
NOV. 3    City School District- Facilities Plan- what decisions have been made? When             will things begin? How will they be funded?
DEC. 1    ???
JAN. 5, 2000    Did we make it? Mayor Jerry Jennings- State of the City
FEB. 2        Council Pres. Helen Desfosses