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November 11, 1998


The attached letter was sent or delivered to the Mayor, the President of the Common Council and every Council Member on November 12, 1998.

Dear «First Name»:

At CANA’s November meeting neighborhood representatives in attendance directed us to make a couple of requests of the City and the members of the Common Council.

First, there was nearly unanimous support for a resolution that we ask the Common Council to begin immediately to solicit public input on the areas which require clarification in the new charter and to enact local laws making those clarifications where appropriate. In addition, we ask that you examine the entire charter and identify sections that can be improved by amendments that must be submitted to the voters. In order for meaningful reform to continue, we ask that this work be completed and a report issued to the public by May 1, 1999.

Our Charter Revision Committee plans to remain active and is eager to work together with any or all members of the Council to see that the Charter Reform process continues until we have a final product that all Albanians can support without any reservations.




Marggie Skinner, Chair




Cynthia Galivan, Chair

CANA Charter Committee