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County Library
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c/o Marggie Skinner
49 Ryckman Ave.
Albany, NY 12208
September 16, 2000

County Executive Michael Breslin
112 State St.
Albany, NY 12207

Dear Michael:
At our meeting on September 6, delegates to CANA unanimously endorsed a suggestion that we ask Albany County to contribute to the operations of the Albany Public Library. Everyone agreed that each of the individual libraries in the county benefit not only the residents of the city or town that supports that library, but residents from all parts of the county. Apparently most counties in New York State do include local libraries in their budgets. We all felt strongly that Albany County should do the same.
We did not discuss the level of this support, although an amount in the range of $1 per resident did not seem excessive or outrageous. We understand that you are in the process of preparing the County budget for 2001. We urge you to include funds for local libraries in your budget.


Marggie Skinner, Chair

Cc: County Legislators
Jeff Cannell

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