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Library Letter
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arch 26, 1999

Jeff Cannell, Director
Judy Rosen, Board President
Albany Public Library
161 Washington Ave.
Albany NY 12210

Dear Jeff and Judy:

    Thanks so much for your presentation at our March meeting. Enclosed are the minutes. If by any chance we misquoted either of you or made any improper statements, please let me know and they will be corrected at the next meeting.
    As requested, I am writing to both of you to reinforce our plea that you extend the library hours to 9 PM at least some evenings and at some locations to accommodate community groups that want to meet at the library but cannot schedule an evening meeting that will be over at 8PM. Perhaps this could be part of the celebration when the renovations of the Main Branch are completed.
    In addition, I want to reinforce CANA’s support of the library. We believe very strongly that the city should include sufficient funds in its budget to enable you to pay the staff in each branch salaries that are equivalent to other city salaries, including negotiated raises. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

                                Very truly yours,

                                Margaret P. Skinner
                                Chair, CANA
cc: Mayor Gerald D. Jennings,
Council President Helen Desfosses