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Mission Statement
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CANA's Statement of Goals: The underlying principle in our stated goals is this: "What is good for the residents of Albany's neighborhoods, is good for the vitality, well being and growth of the entire community."

The standard of life in any community is only as good as the quality of living in all its neighborhoods. Our principle resource- people- should be afforded the proper environment and the opportunities to grow and improve their quality of life.
We emphatically endorse the principle of self-determination at the neighborhood level. the concept of neighborhood residents working together through a group process to influence the direction of their community is one which should be encouraged. To this end, it is imperative that advance notice be given by government and regulated public utilities when plans are being considered that will effect a neighborhood.
Government should work closely with local neighborhoods in developing continued growth and vitality in the community. Good community planning mandates a working partnership between the neighborhood and government. Mutual cooperation is also needed for the best delivery of governmental services.