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Pastor Bradley letter
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June 4, 2000

Robert L. Bradley, Pastor
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
86 Schuyler Street
Albany, NY 12202

Re: Survival of the Lincoln Park Pool

Dear Pastor Bradley,

The Friends of the Lincoln Park Pool came into existence as the result of the widespread alarm caused by the enclosed Times Union article dated January 25, 2000 in which the Mayor of the City of Albany was quoted as saying that he wants to close the Lincoln Park Pool for good after Labor Day weekend and replace it with a pool that will likely be much smaller. 

Our next meeting will be at 7 PM on Thursday, June 15 at the Mansion Hill Restaurant, corner of Philip Street & Park Avenue.

We desperately need help from the hundreds of children who swim in the pool, from the parents of the children who swim in the pool, and from all the neighbors of the pool who have an interest in preserving the pool in its present size and shape.

Any assistance, ideas, or suggestions that you and the other Pastors of the South End could offer us would be much appreciated.


Peter Sokaris