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2001 Survey
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The Neighborhood Resource Center and Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations (CANA) are conducting their second annual survey and would appreciate your help in  identifying and evaluating the various factors that contribute to the quality of life in our city.  Please complete the survey by May 21, 2001 in one of  the three  ways shown below.  If you are going to print out the forms, complete them and mail them in, please put the forms in an envelope and mail to to the address on page one of the forms or tape each side securely before mailing.

  1. Download the attached Word file, print the forms, complete them, and mail the survey in.  
  2. Download the attached PDF file, print the forms, complete them,  and mail the survey in.
  3. Fill in the online form and e-mail it in.  However, in order to submit the online form, you must fill in your nine digit Zip code. To get your nine digit zip code, you can call the US Postal Service at 452-2499 or 1-800-836-877.