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Please Complete this survey by May 21, 2001

Please use one survey per person

Section 1 - How do you feel about these things in your neighborhood? 

1. Abandoned Buildings

2. Abandoned or unregistered motor vehicles or trailers

3. Abandoned shopping charts

4. Adequacy of the building code

5. Animal feces not picked up

6. Availability of downtown shopping

7. Bars operating at late hours

8. Business property maintenance

9. Commercial development of residential neighborhoods

10. Dogs not under owner's control

11. Drug Dealers/Drug Houses

12. Excessive noise from car radios

13. Excessive noise from parties, patios, etc.

14. Favoring commercial over residential interests

15. Gangs

16. Garage and sidewalk sales

17. Garbage rules not followed

18. Graffiti

19. Group homes

20. Illegal businesses (e.g., car repair shop)

21. Illegal home occupations

22. Illegal parking lots

23. Improper lighting on private property

24. Lack of a master plan for city development

25. Lack of trees & shrubs as visual screen to lots/yards.

26. Loitering

27. Meaningful penalties for code violators

28. Motor vehicles ignoring speed limits & traffic signals

29. Non-compliant parking lots (e.g., not screened)

30. Notices posted on utility poles, etc.

31. Occupancy in violation of zoning

32. Panhandling

33. Parked cars blocking cross walks, hydrants, driveways

34. Parking in your neighborhood

35. Parking on sidewalks, lawns

36. Quality of bus service

37. Quality of taxi cab service

38. Racial Profiling

39. Residential rental property maintenance

40. Scavengers going through your trash

41. School safety

42. Sidewalk conditions for pedestrians

43. Sidewalk shoveling in winter

44. Trash/garbage on street/sidewalk

45. Trash/garbage in yard(s)

46. Unattended children, latchkey environment

47. Unlocked entrances to multi-family dwellings

Section 2 - How do you feel the City of Albany is doing in the following areas?

48. Adequacy of parking regulations

49. Availability of citizen guide to building/housing codes

50. Awareness of cultural activities

51. Correcting zoning violations

52. Dealing with repeat code violators

53. Enforcing anti-grouper law

54. Enforcing building/housing codes

55. Enforcing parking regulations

56. Keeping parks safe

57. Keeping your neighborhood safe

58. Keeping your street clean

59. Library services

60. Making the city pedestrian friendly

61. Neighborhood revitalization over commercial development

62. Overall city cleanliness

63. Police response times to 911 calls

64. Police response times to non-emergency calls

65. Preserving/protecting city heritage

66. Preserving/protecting residential neighborhood character

67. Protecting and preserving historic sites/excavations

68. Protecting existing housing

69. Public schools and education

70. Responding to building/housing complaints

71. Response time to emergency medical calls

72. Revitalizing downtown

73. Sidewalk and street repair

74. Street lighting

75. Walking neighborhood police patrols


Please list the top ten issues by placing their numbers (1-75) in the space below, each number separated by a coma (e.g., 3,5, 7, etc.).

Top Ten Issues:


Section 3  - Please provide the following information so we can count your response; your identity will be protected.

Zip plus four (if you know) In order to complete this form, you must know your nine digit zip code. To get your nine digit zip code, you can call the US Postal Service at 452-2499 or 1-800-836-877.

Age group:       Gender:  

Do you or your family own or rent your home?

Do you have Cable TV

We welcome your comments and all will be read.