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25 Anniversay
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 The 25th Anniversary of CANA

      CANA is celebrating its 25th Anniversary by having its first ever
dinner affair on Wednesday, October 3rd at the University Club in Albany
(corner of Washington Avenue and Dove Street). There will be a cash bar at 6
PM and dinner at 7 PM.

      All those on CANA's neighborhood association mailing list are being

      Those involved with CANA in the past and who are not on CANA's current
mailing list, and those interested in supporting CANA, are encouraged to

      Accordingly, if you have not received and invitation and wish to

            Write a check for $25 per person, made payable to CANA, and
mail it to:

                                    c/o Elfrieda Textores
                                    70 Third Avenue
                                    Albany, NY 12202

                 Please specify your dinner choice:

                                    Roast Prime Rib of Beef
                                    Stuffed Chicken Breast
                                    Baked Salmon Filet

                  Please return your reservation before September 23rd.

      If you have any questions feel free to call Elfrieda Textores at 434 -
4296, or Harold Rubin at 434 - 0855.

      There will be no business meeting of CANA in October.