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Airport Noise Letter
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Heather Lees

Landrum & Brown

11279 Cornell Park Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45242


Dear Ms. Lees:


I am writing on behalf of the Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations (CANA) and we would appreciate it if Landrum & Brown increased the area to be reviewed in its noise study (FAR Part 150) for the Albany County Airport to include portions of the following affected neighborhoods of the city of Albany: Arbor Hill, Buckingham Pond/Crestwood; Campus; Center Square, Manning Boulevard; Melrose; New Scotland/Whitehall; Pine Hills; Plymouth; Upper Washington Avenue; and Washington Park. We also enclose a map, which shows the area we would like included.


We are making this because the current boundaries of the study area are inconsistent with the noise complaint data of the Airport. The noise complaint locations map provided in the PACís working papers shows one of the highest concentrations of complaints approximately 5 miles due south of the airport in the city of Albany. However, the study area does not include this complaints cluster. To include these areas, we would like the southern boundary of the study area to be moved south approximately one mile to include portions of the neigborhoods outlined above. We also request that as you continue with the FAR Part 150 study you consider the impacts of any noise abatement measures on the population in this extended study area.


We believe that it is important to expand the study area to accurately reflect the noise impact on these heavily populated neighborhoods. If you have questions about this letter, please contact Anne Savage at 518 489-7426.


Thank you.





Howard Stoller

Chair, CANA


cc: Steve Iachetta, Airport Planner

John Egan, Chief Executive Officer, Albany County Airport

Rev. Michael A. Farano, Chairman, Albany International Airport Authority

Mark Johnson, Landrum & Brown

Anne Savage, CANA, PAC