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6-6-01 Minutes
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6-6-01 Attendees

Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes of


June 6, 2001


Albany Public Library


  1. The meeting was called to order by Howard Stoller, CANA Chair.
  2. Introductions
  3. Minutes: Minutes of the May 2, 2001, meeting shall be corrected to indicate that the PEF representative at that meeting was Jeff Sax, rather than Jeff Staats.


· Officer Paul Pierce distributed information about the New York State "Watch Your Car" program and explained the Decal and VIN Etching Programs. Decals and etching are available to members of CANA free of charge at the Traffic Safety Division or West Unit station. This is a nationwide program, and owners of etched or decaled vehicles receive 2-5 percent discounts on automobile insurance.

· With regard to the proposed placement of a new middle school in Westland Hills Park, Pat Maxim made a motion for CANA to call upon the City of Albany to require a full environmental quality review prior to consideration of transferring any property in Westland Hills Park to the City School District of Albany prior to the June 13 meeting of the mayor and Youth and Recreation Committee of the Albany Common Council. The members adopted the resolution with a vote of 17 in favor, 3 opposed and 3 abstaining.

· George Hoffman requested direction from CANA in seeking to resolve the problem of noise and traffic on Madison Avenue, particularly in the Hudson Park Neighborhood. With regard to the issue of taxicabs he was referred to APD Officer Curt Richie at the Traffic and Safety Division. It was suggested that he bring his concerns to the attention of his alderman.

· Gene Sloan made a request for volunteers for the planning committee of the 2001 Neighborhood Convention to be held in October or November.


    1. University & Community Relations—Tom Gephardt.
    2. The next Committee meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, June 13 at the Albany Police Department, 526 Central Avenue. At that meeting, the committee will begin planning for the return of college students to the neighborhoods and receive updates on the three committees on which the University and Community Relations has representation—Campus Community Crime Prevention Coalition, the Keep Albany Beautiful Committee, and the Pine Hills Parking Committee. An advertising campaign entitled Secure Summer 2001 is underway.

    3. Community Police Council—Maria Parisella
    4. "Officer of the Year" Lt. Steve Stella and the "Citizen of the Year" Mark Yolles were honored at the Committee’s May 16 meeting at City Hall.

      A report on plans for the City’s "Community Night Out" was made. Members are strongly encouraged to advise their community relations officers and station commanders of their plans for this event in writing or e-mail and invite the community relations officers to their planning meetings. There is a need for volunteers for this event, particularly for trained clowns. There is consideration for changing the dates of future Community Night Out events from August to September to maximize participation and attendance of both residents and police officers. Many residents and officers are on vacation in August and unable to participate.

      3. QoL Surveys…Year II—Harold Rubin

      Approximately 1300-1400 surveys have been returned and coding has begun. In reviewing the surveys it became evident that there may be an unawareness of the boundaries of each Association as well as the fact that some older Associations may not have registered their addresses with the City Zoning Board to be notified of hearings that relate to properties that are of concern. Association presidents should send a list of properties in their neighborhoods for which they want to receive notices to the City, Helen Black and Harold Rubin. Addresses will additionally be posted on the CANA website.

    5. Lincoln Park Pool—Dan VanRipper
    6. Opening day for the Lincoln Park pool is June 22. There will be a meeting on June 7 to further consider extending the hours at the facility so it may be used for evening events.

    7. CANA 25th Anniversary Party—Helen Black
    8. Volunteers are needed to assist in planning this event and were directed to speak with Helen at the adjournment of the meeting.

    9. Airport Noise Committee—Ann Savage

Attended a recent meeting where consultants presented and discussed two studies. The first study described the plans for a five-year abatement program. In the second, consultants presented information about the present issues with airport noise within the nine-mile radius of the airport. This may or may not address noise in the Plymouth and Melrose neighborhoods where the problem is the greatest. The Committee will review and analyze the data, recommend policies and present them at a future CANA meeting.


GUEST SPEAKER ASSEMBLYMAN JOHN J. McENENY addressed the group and spoke about several legislative issues facing the City of Albany.

    1. Insurance Reform: Supports the marking of autos. The assembly is presently debating insurance reform; New York is one of the most profitable states for insurance companies.
    2. Permit Parking: Asb. McEneny is the lead sponsor of a bill addressing this issue that was the subject of heated debate in the Assembly on Monday, June 4. This bill, which is not supported by PEF and CSEA, passed the Assembly by an 86-54 vote and has been passed to the Senate.
    3. Proposed placement of the third middle school in Westland Hills Park: Has not received home rule message from mayor and common council. Subsequent to receiving that message, there must be a referendum in November and then be considered by the legislature.
    4. City Finance: $27 million proposed to compensate the City for the taking of land to build the Empire State Plaza 30 years ago has passed.
    5. Women’s Health Care: Bill has not been delivered yet, but supports the present version.
    6. Rockefeller Drug Law Reform: Something may be proposed in this session, but presently the houses don’t agree. May not be retroactive.
    7. Culture, tourism and archeology: Many positive programs and events occurring.
    8. School Aid: Legislature has increased for local schools.
    9. Charter Schools: Does not support present structure.
    10. Brownfields Superfund: Supports for City; believes a bill will come together in this session. However, due to budget restrictions, Albany may not be included.
    11. Reapportionment: Proposals are presently not sensitive to race, neighborhoods, or communities with a lot in common. Several "blocks" are not represented. Has contacted the Census office and was referred to Washington. This problem cannot be resolved prior to reapportionment. This effects elections and can result in court involvement.
    12. Urban Homesteading: Opposes the present and proposed bills because they don’t include a comprehensive plan for entire neighborhoods. Wants homesteading addressed by block, rather than by building.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by Harold Rubin.