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1-10-01 Minutes
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January 10, 2001

1. Introductions

2. Minutes: Corrections: The Dec. minutes included alist of members of Community Police Council that omitted Maria Parisella (MANS)and included Emily Grisom (SHNA) who has retired from the Council. SteveWinters moved to approve minutes as corrected. Seconded by Henry Madej.Approved.

3. Communications / Announcements

Marggiesent a letter to every County Legislator and to Mike Breslin regarding 41Ten Broeck – the building that the county started to tear down and nowthere’s an effort to save the façade. Received one response- a phone callfrom Nancy Wiley who alerted us to a discussion of this issue at Monday’s(Jan. 8) meeting of the Co. Legis. Clare Yates attended and spoke toCANA’s position on this issue.
CANAreceived a letter from Al DeSalvo proposing that CANA establish acommittee on abandoned and deteriorating properties. Will table this ideauntil we get a response from Co. Executive re working together with Cityreps and NA reps.
Dreamworksholding casting calls for “The Time Machine”. Needs male and female extras21-100.
SnowEmergency number is 476-SNOW
Publicationswere circulated including: Avenew - newsletter of the Central Ave BID; TV8(Bethlehem public access) schedule; DANA & Mansion NA newsletters;Cornell Cooperative Extension schedules.
NeighborhoodsWork! follow-up mailing sent out; copies of resolutions distributed.
Dept.of Development and Planning holding an information session Jan. 11 on theWaterfront Living History Site Feasibility Study - So. BroadwayDistrict.  For info call MoniqueWahba 434-2532 x26.
AlbanyHome Store meetings on the first Thursday of every month, noon at 175Central Ave..
4. Committee Reports
a.     University / Community Relations
Next meeting is Wed. February 14at 7pm at the Albany Police Dept. 526 Central Ave. Topics to includeadvertising campaigns on intersession anti-burglary efforts, drugs in drinkswarning and gifts/belongings in cars anti-theft efforts.
b.     Cable/Public Access
No report
c.      Community Police Council
There is now a web site for sex offenders. Newofficers in areas of the City. Considering inviting neighbor hood associationsto police academy graduation open house.
d.     Airport Noise
Airport committee on noise meeting on January 16 at7:30 Sage College Campus Center Rm 224.
e.      College of St. Rose Construction Plans
Façade changed in an attempt to blend in withadjoining neighborhood. The Board of Zoning Appeals determined that buildingwill not have negative impact on neighborhood. The College has made an effortwith the design but has not changed the size of the building or addressed theparking impact. There’s still time to voice your opinion at the next planningboard meeting.
f.       Other
·       Carol Saginaw, League of Women Voters, announced thatthere’s a coalition setting up a series of study circles on racism. Pilotcircles begin in February. Contact the League of Women Voters for moreinformation. 465-4162
·       Nominating committee was appointed – Steve Winters,Henry Madej, Harold Rubin and Mary Connair.

·       NYPIRG distributed information about the countyPesticide Neighbor Notification Law and encouraged CANA to support this law.
·       This is CANA’s 25th anniversary.  Think about how to celebrate. We’ll appointa committee next time.
·       Future Speakers: Helen Desfosses (February), MikeBreslin (March), Colleges (April) Historic Preservation, BID reps, City’sNeighborhood Planner.

5. Guest Speaker: Mayor Gerald D. Jennings, State of theCity

TheMayor stated that the city is doing pretty well.
In1994 there was a $15M deficit and now there’s more property on the taxrolls and new development in downtown Albany.  
Bigachievement was NYS 30 year commitment for $4 million, then $10 millionannual payment in lieu of taxes.
There’sa $1.7M surplus in the current budget – structurally solid for the firsttime in 13 years.
Receivedanother permit on the landfill.
HarrimanState Campus Encon moving downtown from WolfRoad.  DOT moving from campus to WolfRoad
Buildings on the Harriman Campus(330 acres) will be evaluated for the best use. Possible site for middle orhigh school.
Would like to get the land backon the tax rolls. Additional taxable properties put the city on solid course toavoid raising taxes.

Legislative Agenda Items

1.                 Permit Parking (legislation says 80% can be dedicated topermit parking)
2.                 Schools – talk with leaders about solution to financialdifficulty caused by payments to Charter Schools.
3.                 Waterfront- pedestrian bridge - $8M project – break ground inspring – 12 mos. Project.-  
o       redesign Corning Preserve – will not be constructing anybuildings except for an amphitheater.
o       $300,00 from state for a study on recreating Ft.Orange anddocking the Half Moon to create a “living museum”
o       Albany designated as inland port for Port of NY & NJ.  
o       $750,000 grant from the Governor to move train tracks closerto river.
o       Ice House – 65 acres available. Lock 1 of Erie Canal buriedthere. Asked for study of best possible use of the land.
4.                 Downtown

Shouldinclude more residential opportunities
PalaceTheatre / Proctor’s will have “common management” invest $10M to get upto speed to bring in traveling shows
StateTransportation Bond Act failure impacts projects planned for Lark St.,Central Ave., So. Pearl St. We need to find other resources.


atleast 11 companies putting in fiber optics
Urbanplan to “wire” the city. Committee chaired by Bill Bruce.


o       Dept. of Development and Planning: Neighborhood Planner plus afull time attorney to deal with code enforcement
o       City has proposed a new set of codes that are simpler andinclude more expensive fines- there will be opportunity for public comment andwe’ll get a copy of proposed codes.
o       City will purchase Urban League building on Henry Johnson Blvd– one centralized place to address all quality of life issues. New Commr. ofPublic Safety, Jack Nielsen, in this building.
o       It’s not the Mayor’s job to hire and fire school personnel. Itis the Mayor’s job to assure that what happens in the school district haspositive impact on city. Put together committee to talk about public educationin the City – vision. Need more elementary schools. Use new Census figures as aguideline for building plans.
o       BIDS – people excited about getting involved.

Q: Every fall we adopt abudget after a round of public comment. When January comes there are plans thatweren’t in the original budget. Why?
A: Budget early. Wasn’tready. New ideas can’t wait. Council supportive.

Q: Swan St. plan to sellbuildings for $1 to developer. How did city get ownership?
A: Title was transferred tothe Housing Authority. Public housing money available to do just this. Wouldlike to see a plan to put large chunks of money into neighborhoods year byyear, one at a time, to address these property issues.

Q: What’s the time framefor getting the Neighborhood Planner?
A: By March 1.

Q: City collects unpaidtaxes from County. School gets unpaid taxes from County. What is City doing towork with County to deal with properties in arrear of taxes that people mightwant to buy?
A: If we have interestedinvestors we need to get out from under taxes so people will buy and put moneyinto the buildings. Neighborhood planner will be part of this.

Q: Who is the attorney forCode Enforcement?
A: Todd Burnham inCorporation Counsel office.  

Q: Two newest buildings areparking garages. Anything being done to deal with public transportation?
A: Yes, work closely withCDTA. This City needs light rail down the Northway corridor. Newest lotapproved by Albany Parking Authority at the end of Clinton Avenue. Need parkingon Washington Ave for AIHA and Lark Street.

Q: Read about Y coming toNo. Pearl St. What do you see as library branches in neighborhoods?
A: Y came into pictureafter school backed down. Partner with Y. Not sure about library. Don’t want alibrary in a school that closes at 3 pm. Need to keep schools open longer.

Q: Is anyone in officeworking on airport noise?
A: I am meeting with JohnEgan. Currently a study is underway which may result in redirection of routes.

Comment: With new charterschools and facility management proposal, are we planning to build a 3rdmiddle school that we might not need?

Mayor: School Dist shoulddeal with elementary issue first. We should have a tech high school and teamwith SUNY Albany. Proponent of using high school for middle school - separate 6thgrade and divide the 7th & 8th grades into sides of buildings.Look at numbers before building.

Comment: Appreciativegetting back to Mayor themes – improvement of student achievement. Charter schoolsare the demise of public schools. Remiss if didn’t point out teacher dismay atcomments by the Mayor in the in paper.

Q: Many cities withhistoric property promote themselves as filming locations.
A: Have been talking aboutthis. Need to make it easy, fit in to production budget.

Q: Applaud parking permitplan, code enforcement. Can we get a copy of the map for the permit area?
A: Yes

Comment: Neighborhoodplanner – request that he or she looks at gateway from Exit 6.
Applaud Internet broadcast of thestate of the city address.

Q: Is there time for thepublic to comment on combined services before they go into effect?
A: Give it time to getoperating first.

Q: Can the City link to NAsites from the City’s web page?
A: Yes, good idea.

Q: In reference to schoolsand alienation. In NJ, a Mayor, with the School District and Architect, haslooked at buildings in the City. Outside the box – the city opening up toschools – studying maritime, arts, gov’t and using city resources.
A: Should talk to SchoolBoard. Mayor is open to options.

Comment: I believe theanswer lies in organizations like Being Places intergenerationalactivity centers. Students push themselves rather than be pushed by others.Army of people to help students with work and they can’t leave until it’s done.

Submitted by Sandra Thomas

Kathleen Kearney HPNA                                            Harold Rubin CSQ
Don Dugan HELD                                                     ChristopherLindsay BEV
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Betsy Shearer PSNA                                                     BobBatson WHALL         
Steve Stella APD                                                       Jim Turley APD
Jack Nielsen APD                                                       Bob Bailey WPNA
Fred Perkins PHNA                                                    Donna GalloLangan CSQ
Carol Saginaw LWV                                                       Kristin BondsNYPIRG
Laura Haight NYPIRG                                         Ed Taylor WPK
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John Salamida PHNA                                                    Helen Black        AHCC
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Cathy O’Neill DANA                                           Mary Connair  DANA
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Frances Tarlton CSQ                                          Mario D. ArthurAPSTA
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