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Appendix V
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CEQL Questionnaire # 1

This questionnaire is available in  PDF format.

Issues of Concern to

Albany Neighborhoods


(In)Adequacy of building code


Abandoned buildings


Abandoned cars


Abandoned shopping carts


After hours bars


Child neglect / latchkey environment


Drug dealers/houses


Garage sales


Garbage in streets


Group homes


Grouper law not enforced


Illegal businesses


Illegal car shops


Illegal or non-compliant parking lots


Improper (excessive) exterior (private) lighting


Inefficient judicial enforcement for repeat violators


Insufficient business property planning & maintenance


Insufficient property lighting interior or exterior


Insufficient street lighting


Irrelevance of building code manual / lack of guide


Lack of compliance with garbage rules


Lack of coordination of complaint & resolution process


Lack of financial penalties against violations


Lack of incentive & initiative


Lack of maintenance or stabilization of properties


Lack of master plan


Lack of walking police patrols


Lawn parking




Loud car radios


Loud parties


Minimize boarded up buildings


NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)


Occupancy in violation of zoning




Parking rules & enforcement


Police response time


Removal of visual screens (trees & shrubbery)


Sidewalk shoveling in winter


Union contracts requiring residency not enforced


Unscreened dumpsters


Unsecured multi-family dwellings (front doors open)