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10-6-99 Agenda
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                        MEETING DATE & LOCATION
                        WEDNESDAY, October 6, 1999
                        7:00 PM SHARP
                        NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION
                    *     UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS ADMIN BDG.
                    *     1 De la Salle Rd. Albany 12208
                        Old CBA Campus >>
AGENDA                     *********************************    
1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Communications/Announcements
4. Committee Reports-
    a. SUNY-Community- Tom Gebhardt
b. Community Police Council- Maria Parisella
    c. Budget- Cynthia Galivan
    d. Zoning-
    e. Census
    f. Other

5. 7:30 PM Albany City School District- Facilities Plan, Supt. Lonnie Palmer    
The School Board and administration have already made several decisions regarding their overall plan to upgrade the district’s buildings. Eventually, Albany will have one high school, three middle schools, (grades 6 to 8), and ten or eleven elementary schools, (pre-k to 5). Superintendent Palmer will describe what has been decided. He wants to know what we think about such questions as where the High School should be located and which projects should be done first. School 18 and Schuyler Elementary Schools must be retired. What will replace them? Where?
Any building program must be approved by a referendum. Projects begun by July, 2000, qualify for 56% state funding- after that the state share drops to 46%. The district wants to present some projects, or perhaps the entire plan to the voters in either May or June, 2000, to take advantage of this funding. What do you think?
Please attend this meeting. Take what you hear back to your neighborhoods. The Superintendent wants to have meetings similar to this one throughout the city, sponsored by one or several Neighborhood Associations, PTA’s, and other groups. Confer with your neighboring NA’s and consider this as your topic in October or November. They will decide what items will be included in a spring referendum by early December.
6. Adjourn
Next meeting: Wednesday Nov. 2    Albany City Budget