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3-3-99 agenda
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                        MEETING DATE & LOCATION
                        WEDNESDAY, March 3, 1999
                        7:00 PM SHARP ROOM 105*
                        SAGE COLLEGES
                        Albany Campus
                        Academy Road
                        (off New Scotland Avenue)
1. Introductions
2. Minutes
3. Communications/Announcements/Committee list
4. Committee Reports- (We’ll have a little extra time this month to flesh out new and old committees and establish some sort of a mission for each. Please review the committee assignments [see other side] and come with your ideas.
    a. SUNY-Community- Tom Gebhardt
b. Community Police Council- Maria Parisella
    c. Schools
    d. Budget- Cynthia Galivan
    e. Zoning-
    f. Census
    g. Other

5. 8:00 PM Albany Public Library: Ex. Dir. : Jeff Cannell
                    Board Pres.: Judy Rosen

6. Adjourn

APRIL 7    Representatives of Albany Police Department
MAY 5    Albany’s School Finances: Supt. Lonnie Palmer, Assem. Jack McEneny,             Sen. Neil Breslin, Assem. Ron Canestrari
JUNE 2    Dennis Fitzgerald, CDTA
BUDGET:    Harold Rubin             ZONING:      Kathy Kearney
        Cynthia Galivan                 Holly Katz
        Criag Waltz                     Marggie Skinner

LIBRARY:    Eileen Purcell             CENSUS:      Chris Lindsay
        Gene Solan                     Henry Madej
                                Craig Waltz

CHARTER REFORM: Keith St. John    SCHOOLS:    Craig Waltz
        Don Wardle                     Dominic Calsolaro
        Chris Lindsay                     Chris Lindsay

QUALITY OF LIFE: Colin McNight        COM. POLICE: Craig Waltz
        Dick Carroll                     Shannon Hickman
        Sandra Thomas                 Mary Connair
        Kathleen Kearney                 Maria Parisella
                                Emily Grisom
        John Whitehead